About the company

Business & Contact Information

If you wish to get into contact with us, should you wish to either stock or purchase Ecologic 3D, please find all the information you need you know below and please feel free to get into contact with us.

Business Concept

The Business Concept differs from area to area and from distributor to distributor.

Company History & Future

  • Ecologic 3D was established in November 2012 in Maputo, Mozambique where we operating and distributing our product in all the major provinces of the country.

Potential Customers

Industrial environments such as factories (South32), shipping companies, Spoornet, motor vehicle workshops and motor bike workshops to name but a few. Other potential customers include:

Potential Distributors

Mica / Obaro / TWK / Build It / Owner Run / Chain Hardware stores / Professional paint stores. Spar / Boxer Super Stores / Owner run supermarkets. And the following distributors can also be considered:

Vision and Mission

To brand Ecologic 3D as the cleaning product of choice for all domestic and industrial uses in South Africa.

Vision and Mission Statements

Maintaining the integrity of our product at all times through consistency, doing business honestly and transparently.